Things are happening at ALTTRAX! We are excited to share a trifecta of announcements covering our audit services, newest member of our A Team, and a new location (although we are available online everywhere).

Introducing PBM and 340B Audit Services
Through our modern audit management platform, we deliver a custom and comprehensive auditing process to help you identify discrepancies and discover optimization opportunities through your contract term. As a tribute to the Late Show with David Letterman, we are presenting the Top 10 PBM and 340B Audit Questions from our new home office in Dublin, Ohio.

  • What type of audits do you perform? We offer a range of auditing services, with a focus on PBM and 340B audits.
  • Are you considered an independent auditor? Yes! We offer an independent audit experience managed by a team of pharmacy consultants with more than 30 years of healthcare experience.
  • What kinds of clients do you support for audits? We work with self-funded groups and 340B-eligible healthcare organizations.
  • What is the process? An ALTTRAX audit expert analyzes your data and helps you understand what we find.
  • What is needed? We’ll need a meeting or two to create the audit plan, timeline, etc. Once we receive the requested information, nothing else is needed until we review the results together.
  • How much does it cost? Prices vary based on the audit scope. Let’s connect to discuss details.
  • How often should you conduct an audit? We recommend an annual audit.
  • Are audits worth it? Yes! Audit results include recommendations to improve contract compliance and in many cases, payments due back to you.
  • Where are the audits conducted? The audits can be conducted either remotely or onsite, it’s completely up to you!
  • How can I learn more about ALTTRAX audit services? Contact us! We would love to schedule time with you to learn more about your audit needs and share how we can help.

Details can be found on our Services page.

We also want to introduce the newest member of our leadership team! Lisa Krajewski recently joined the ALTTRAX “A Team” and brings an accomplished background with audits, 340B, and more. Learn more about Lisa, and contact us for audit support.

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