Through our modern audit management platform, we deliver a custom and comprehensive auditing experience to help you identify discrepancies and discover optimization opportunities.

We offer a range of auditing services, with a focus on PBM and 340B audits. We work with self-funded groups and 340B-eligible healthcare organizations.


Using our modern platform, we conduct a 100% claim level review by channel and drug definition. This meticulous review ensures adherence to the pricing terms, calculations, guarantees, and exclusions outlined in your contract. By identifying any discrepancies, we help you optimize your pharmacy benefit program.


We perform a thorough rebate analysis based on your contract terms. This analysis helps determine if rebates are being paid properly, ensuring that you’re maximizing your benefits and minimizing any potential losses.


Our annual market checks provide ongoing financial oversight and ensure market competitiveness throughout the duration of your contract. By staying informed about market trends and changes, we help you make informed decisions and optimize your pharmacy benefit program effectively.

With ALTTRAX, managing pharmacy benefit audits has never been easier. Let us simplify the process and help you uncover valuable optimization opportunities for your organization.