Before I share my opinions about when a leader should think about bringing in a consultant, I think I should share a bit of background. I’ve been told I am very sarcastic. And in reality, I think that it is true, and I am working on dialing it back (a bit). If I had to diagnose where this all comes from, it may be in part because as a healthcare Senior Executive for more than 20 years, I got a lot of pitches from consultants who “wanted to help me.”

Now in fairness, I’ve worked with some outstanding consultants who really helped me, and my company, achieve goals more quickly and effectively than I would have been able to achieve without their involvement. So, there are a few success stories.

But I’ve also been exposed to a lot of consultants who don’t deliver value. The kind that deliver a lot of PowerPoint decks, have a lot of very bright (and very inexperienced) recent college graduates swarming a problem and leaving a massive wake of distraction/wasted time, and in the end produce large invoices all while trying to upsell me on additional engagements–while not delivering the business results I needed.

We at ALTTRAX are different, in more ways than one.

We consider ourselves “the anti-consultant.” We recognize the skepticism that exists toward outside consultants and actually embrace it. We aren’t going to wow you with our PowerPoint decks (those who’ve seen my PowerPoint skills know this very well). We aren’t going to overwhelm your organization with very bright (and very inexperienced) recent college graduates who annoy and distract your team with requests for meetings and questions.

What motivates the ALTTRAX team is to help you solve business problems and grow. And to do it in a way that fits in with your organization’s culture. All of us have extensive experience with helping companies grow, scaling businesses, and integrating organizations/cultures.

The top 5 questions you should ask yourself before bringing in a consultant

  1. Does my organization have the expertise to solve this problem?
  2. Will the consultant I’m bringing in distract me and my team from their day-to-day jobs?
  3. What actual business results will the consultants help me achieve?
  4. Has the person who is going to consult with me actually done the work and been responsible for the business outcome before, or are they just “advisors”?
  5. What’s the exit strategy for the consultant I bring in, and will the changes they implement be sustainable?

What makes ALTTRAX different than other consultants?

  • We believe in delivering value, not delivering PowerPoint content.
  • We’ve been in your shoes before, actually responsible for delivering the business outcomes. We’ve been through the tough situations personally, not just as “advisors.”
  • You’ll gain access to an unprecedented level of expertise, particularly in PBM operations, strategy, and execution.
  • We’ll take on projects that others won’t. No offense, but we don’t want to work with our clients forever. We want to help solve your problem, and then move on to other engagements.
  • We move quickly with very little bureaucracy. We take pride in engaging with precision, with tremendous energy, and with purpose.

How Can ALTTRAX Help?
It first starts with a discussion.

  • What’s holding back your organization from the growth you expected?
  • Are you not executing operationally?
  • Is your strategy not connected with your operations?
  • Is everyone ” busy,” but nobody can point to metrics that show exactly what they’re doing?
  • Is your talent unable to keep up with the day to day, let alone look ahead and plan for what’s coming toward them?

Let our experienced team sit down with you for a free consultation, and together we will see if there’s a fit.

Contact us for a no obligation, free discussion. You may even get a nice and free dinner out of it!

Jon Schlosser