“Every few years an event comes along of biblical proportions.” ~ Ghostbusters, 1984

What happens when an already experienced team adds someone new? In the epic 80s movie Ghostbusters, the team couldn’t have persevered had they not added Winston Zeddmore (Ernie Hudson). So, what happens when our already supernaturally talented team adds two new leaders? We are even more empowered to support potential and existing clients. Here’s how.

Introducing Lisa Krajewski, our 340B and audit expert
Yes, we’ve already mentioned Lisa in our recent audit update. In addition to her 340B program management and audit experience, Lisa brings a dynamic healthcare background spanning business operations, customer success, compliance, product development, and strategy. She has a demonstrated record of success in building organizations from the ground up for rapid organizational growth, leading large-scale integrations, and developing innovative market solutions for PBMs, healthcare technology companies, and 340B service providers.

Introducing Danny Ward, implementation and success leader
As a dynamic leader with 20+ years in healthcare and PBM systems, Danny excels at driving complex strategic initiatives, business integrations, and system implementations. His expertise spans pharmacy fulfillment, building strategic client relationships, and co-leading efforts to establish a joint venture PBM services platform. He has served in trusted roles, aiding organizations in achieving lasting success by establishing high-performance teams, forging crucial partnerships, and driving organizational transformations that empower teams to produce repeatable, quality results.

Now with a newly expanded team, ALTTRAX is ready to bust any business problem, from execution to talent management and more (including 340B). So, who are you gonna call for healthcare expertise? ALTTRAX! (We’re not quite ready to take on the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man but give us time.)