You decide to escape the summer heat by catching Mission: Impossible at a theater. As you enjoy the movie, you realize it’s July. The countdown is on to your January 1 implementation. You’ve heard stories about when implementations go wrong, putting thousands of lives, important client relationships, and your company’s reputation at risk. While ALTTRAX isn’t quite Tom Cruise, we are implementation experts who won’t let this mission cost you dearly.

We understand the complexity of implementations. Any combination of forces can doom your project. Complex benefit designs, prior authorizations, accumulators, eligibility, TPA files, and other pitfalls may turn your peak season into bleak season. Ultimately you want and expect flawless execution. Whether you are a new or potential ALTTRAX client, your best option is to be supported by a team who has directed implementations for years. Our team blends in seamlessly with your project and process.

The ALTTRAX team can help you prepare now by understanding your goals, benefits, covered lives, and more. They will support you through Q3 as you prepare for Q4. Their project management expertise creates readiness and contingency plans so you can star in your own Mission: Possible story.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to contact ALTTRAX, ask about how we can support your implementation, and then relax and enjoy your summer. Implementations, healthcare benefits, and this world is changing. Your fate isn’t determined yet. ALTTRAX won’t leave you hanging. Contact us for a no-hassle, free assessment. We’ll help you declare, “mission accomplished!”

PS: Ask about our proven Remedy Room.

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