Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s not easy to define ALTTRAX. In the simplest terms, we are healthcare consultants, implementation disaster preventers, audit experts, problem solvers, business growers, and brainiacs. We’re also fanatical about finding ways to share our story and explain how we can help your business. Throughout the year, we will introduce enhancements that continue to define us.

What’s in store for 2024

  • We are updating our website to make it easier to find what you need.
  • Looking for an employment opportunity? We’ll be sharing those via emails and other channels.
  • Last year we introduced our audit services. This year we’ll continue developing this newer product for current and future clients.

What we are continuing

  • We’ll continue to post Insights inspired by our favorite 80s movies.
  • We love chatting in person. We’ll be at conferences throughout the year.
  • Watch for updates shared on LinkedIn.

Another thing we are continuing is our free, no-hassle consultation. Contact us to schedule a meeting. While we may not be athletes, princesses, or basket cases, we are here to help solve your problems, grow your business, and answer your questions.

Sincerely yours,