Some small changes have big impacts. For ALTTRAX, the change was one word. Or more exactly, one acronym: PBM. So why was this a BIG change, and how were we partly inspired by one of our favorite 80s movies, Back to the Future?

Call it a “micro rebrand” or simply a more accurate representation of who we serve. We previously described ALTTRAX as a “PBM consultant.” We changed that to “healthcare consultant.” While our team possesses extensive PBM expertise, our background, connections, and experience are available to all healthcare companies.

Do we wish we could go back to the future and make the change from “PBM” to “healthcare”? Yes and no. We always loved how Marty McFly, who accidentally goes back to the future, is clever enough to navigate back to present day. Thankfully the small but positive changes he makes while trapped in the past creates a better present day for Marty.

Our small but positive change enables us to extend our problem solving, talent management, and growth empowerment services to all healthcare companies. Think of ALTTRAX as the flux capacitor that will advance your business.

Great Scott! Interested in learning more about our HEALTHCARE services? You don’t need a DeLorean time machine and 1.21 gigawatts to find us. Call or email us for a no-hassle, free assessment. If our calculations are correct, when you contact us, you’re gonna see some serious success.