Planning your next big goal, finding a great hire, or quickly addressing a new and critical business problem can be like competing in the legendary Cannonball Run road race. You need a creative edge to win. While ALTTRAX isn’t quite as suave as JJ McClure or as eccentric as Captain Chaos (from the 80s movie The Cannonball Run), they’ll help you stay on track to win the race. Here’s how.

We’ve got a secret weapon …
Much like The Cannonball Run, ALTTRAX features an all-star cast who thrives with just about any challenge. Not only do you have access to our experienced team, we can tap into our vast network of expertise and resources. Our team can be your strategic partner who offers a unique track record of delivering successful business results. Don’t take our word for it. The testimonials featured on our home page tell our success story.

You may be a little overqualified for this job …
One of our specialties is finding your next great hire. When our clients lost talent, we helped them find someone even better. It’s like JJ McClure and Captain Chaos, who needed to find a “doctor” to help them pull off their charade of an ambulance racing across the country. We’ll help you find the right people. But that’s not our only specialty.

Hit that button, will you?
Technology can be your greatest asset or a pain in the rear axle. Tech changes as fast as outlaw racers speeding across the country, and it can make your company more efficient or slow you down. It’s like the Cannonball Run. One team uses night vision to speed through the dark, and another uses gadgets to evade state troopers. If these teams consulted with ALTTRAX, they could have won the race. We help you evaluate new and existing tools and provide guidance to negotiate your growth curve.

Maybe technology isn’t your issue. You won the race after acquiring new business, and you need to figure out what to do next. We’re here for you. Our team has years of project management and implementation experience to help you know what to do, expect, and continue, even after we’re gone. That’s the ALTTRAX difference. We don’t just leave you without a plan.

So, if you are planning to do just about anything with your business, from hiring new talent to needing a little help with your future growth plans, call ALTTRAX. We’re like a fresh set of tires and full tank of gas. We’ll get you to the finish line and provide a map to get you down the road ahead. Even if that road takes you 3,000 miles across the country. Contact us for a no hassle, free assessment.

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