You have a situation or formidable goal and need support. You need a smart, experienced, and savvy partner who isn’t afraid to operate even in difficult situations. You’re looking for a team of industry veterans who’ve helped dozens of businesses successfully improve processes. And as a bonus, the team is easy to work with and offers enthusiasms.

Sound like the plot of the 80s movie, The Untouchables? While the ALTTRAX team can help you with process improvement, they are not empowered to take down the 1930s Chicago mob. Well not yet.

If you haven’t seen The Untouchables, it’s quite a movie: Chicago’s mob and prohibition problem requires an exceptional solution. The team assigned to this endeavor finds creative ways to improve its process, and the solution isn’t what you’d expect.

What you can expect from ALTTRAX is experience. The team has been around practically since the beginning of pharmacy benefits, and they’ve seen it all. They may not have saved a baby in a buggy tumbling down the stairs during a gun fight, but they offer amazing experience in:

  • Implementations
  • Client Management
  • Benefit Administration
  • Clinical Setup
  • Call Center
  • Eligibility
  • Accumulator
  • Testing, and more

Not convinced yet? Ask us for references from some of the dozens of businesses we’ve helped. They’ve witnessed how we move quickly and with precision. We are acutely aware that time is money, and we do our best to understand your situation, offer solutions, and deliver value.

Some situations may be difficult, so we do our best to be sensitive to your culture. Change can seem dramatic. Our customized approach takes that into consideration, and we operate with discretion and empathy.

This may be the best part. After we provide you with support, we’ll leave you with a plan for continued success. It’s important that we set up our clients to SUSTAIN the momentum we give them. Not everyone works this way.

Contact us for a no hassle, free assessment. We’re always happy to share stories about how we’ve helped dozens of businesses like yours. Your situation may seem untouchable or a lost cause, but the ALTTRAX team is here to help. What are you prepared to do?

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